Hello all!

First off, I'd like to get started on January 10 in Seattle. I've gotten a tentative yes from everyone at this point, so hopefully that holds up. Dragon's Demand runs from levels 1-7. I expect it should take 1-2 months for us to work through adventure depending on how things go.

Character generation is limited to PFS-legal material, with case-by-case consideration for other Paizo material. No third-party. Contact me with questions and I'll get back to you.

Thus far, I've signed off on these additional items:


Kobolds - Stipulating that they will be treated as kobolds. This is a module called "The Dragon's Demand," so I'm not going to handwave a monstrous race.

Tieflings – Please don't be a party of all tieflings

Fire Bomber Alchemist Archetype – It's opened for non-goblin races; the goblin race is definitely not allowed.

We have a person who is new to Pathfinder, so we'll all be responsible for getting everyone up to speed. If you have questions, please ask. There is also a lot of experience and knowledge, and I invited people who I thought would play well with one another.

Emerald City Pathfinder

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