Violetta "Violet" Vishki

Female demon-spawn tiefling unchained barbarian 1


Age: 19; Height: 6’; Weight: 150 lb.; Eyes: Green; Hair: Blonde; Skin: Fair


Puberty is a tough time. When blossoming into an adult means suddenly displaying traits that reveal you to be of fiendish blood, it can be hell. Her mother loved her, but knew that if she stayed, she would surely be killed. So, she gave her saving, and left her outside of town. Violetta found herself abandoned, and ashamed. It was fairly easy then, when she was offered acceptance into the Cult of the Mother of Monsters, to look beyond their gruesome ways. Belonging felt good, but she found that she, in some ways, became more of an outcast, and the cult worked to make sure that was so. It was not until a brief passing by Riddleport, that she saw evidence that not all fiend-blooded hid themselves. It was then she found Shorafa Pamodae, Tiefling, and High Priestess of Calistria, Mistress of the House of the Silken Veil, and ruler of the “hospitality” industry in Riddleport. Violetta immediately embraced the Calistrian faith, and newfound pride in who, and what, she is. The Calistrian church was more than willing to save someone from Lamashtu’s grasp, and acquire an exotic new young courtesan. A few years passed, and the role of kedeshah let hear many stories of the world, from travelers visiting the temple. She decided she take the money she had earned, and meet the world, to create her own stories. She would embrace her new life, without shame, or regret.

Violetta "Violet" Vishki

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